"Of everything that was to be, to be was everything...
And nothing else makes me the same the same as anything...
If anything could be as thick, if layers could be false...
I'd bet my life I'd win again, it's your bet, I mean, your loss..." -Ethan Womack

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Belief vs Reality - Part Two

Perhaps I was not clear? It may be stated that my last post was rather disorganized and scattered. It was not intended to be so, and yet, it was. The true question is, did you get the point? You see, in the battle between personal belief systems and reality lies within what said person "knows" and what said person "believes" to be true. To put it simply, think of it like this. I have heard many people throughout my life proclaim to me on a near daily basis that they "know" that the god of the bible is the "One True God" and subsequently, they also "know" that all of the words of their holy book is the infallible word of God, and that it should be viewed by all of humanity in the same context that they personally believe that it should be. I find a contradiction in such statements. You see, when I look out at the world, and all of it's "problems" I can very clearly see what the true dilemma is, and infact, I am not the first to see it, nor am I alone in my "beliefs" about such a reality. One of my favorite rappers (and various other artists of any form of art) has seen it, and describes the current situation in the world today rather well. He speaks of two things essentially, with a third seemingly hidden within his words. You see, words, as I (poorly) attempted to explain in my last post, are completely pointless. However, they can be quite useful in getting a point across. Instead of giving you my personal opinion of what Lil' Wayne has seen that I have seen, which other's also see, (quite clearly mind you) I'm simply going to quote the lyrics, and let you decide what it is that he's talking about. You be the judge as to whether or not it is relevant to this blog and my ramblings or not.
"Gorillas in suits The holy war, the spiritual troops Fighting over the mythical truth Drowning in the political soup They shoot missiles and nukes Taking out such a pivotal group The body count is the physical proof And they thought drugs were killing the youth"  
Lil' Wayne -"President Carter"
You see, the problem in not just "America" but the entire world seems to lie within the fact that people are given positions of power, and, driven by their greed, they seem to get together in one massive attempt to blind the masses to their schemes in order to remain in power. Essentially, everything going on in the news today, that we ALL hear about and have grown quite accustomed to hearing, is explained in the first four lines...and the ones which follow after tell you just what they're all covering up, and how. For the "why" refer back to the first stanza. Now you see my friends, these words are not mine. I did not create this idea. I am not some radical conspiracy theorist. I am simply a person who seems to be completely immune to being blinded by people who simply think of me as one of the other mindless zombies who comply with their demands as to what I should and/or shouldn't believe. Do you know why? It is because I avidly attempt to push away my own personal beliefs and/or biases for the sole purpose of seeing things as they truly are. Not as I wish them to be. Not as I "think" they are, but rather, just as they are.
"It is what it is"
That's a statement that I can appreciate most of all, out of the millions of others that exist. You see friends, if you truly want to begin to understand what the "meaning of life" is, or find some purpose or reason for you being here upon this earth, then I would suggest that you stop attempting to find an outside source to tell you who you are and what you are here for. You will never find a purpose for anything if you continually focus upon what others attempt to persuade you to believe, and you need to realize that most of them want you to believe such things simply because they themselves believe the same way. No friend, you mustn't concern yourself with belief systems or personal opinion, but rather, you must view things from a metaphysical standpoint...That is...If you ever want to see things as they truly are.

Take advertising for example. From a metaphysical perspective, let me lay this example out for you in a hypothetical circumstance. You're watching television, and you're sitting in a chair in your living room which you've had for 10+ years. This commercial is an advertisement for a "special" chair. It's got twice the padding of yours, it comes in a variety of colors (one of which you personally enjoy much more than your current chair color) and it even has pockets on the side for you to stash your remotes, magazines, pack of crackers, etc... This commercial is attempting to draw you in of course; that's what advertisements are designed to do. It defeats the purpose of advertising for it to do anything else. Now, you watch this commercial, and as you do, you think to yourself of how you have been wanting a new chair, and you also like the chair on the television. At the end of said commercial, they tell you the price, and it just so happens to be $5,000 for this chair of your dreams. You also realize at this point that you have $5000 worth of "spare change" so to speak. (stay with me here, please)

Now, I want for you to imagine a hard, plain, wooden chair that you have seen at your local dollar store. It only costs $5.

Can you tell me the difference between the two chairs?

Besides the obvious, (Price, level of comfort, color) can you tell me why one is better than the other?

You see friend, the reality of the situation, not your opinion, but the reality, is that the ONLY purpose for a chair, is to sit in it, and whether you choose the cheap wooden one, or the expensive plush colorful one with pockets, at the end of the day, all that you can do with either of them is sit in them (Or stack stuff in it, but that's beside the point) and if you want to be real about it, a stump in the woods somewhere will serve the same purpose.

Do you see my point? You were sitting in a chair, and because someone told you about another chair, and convinced you that said chair was a "better performing" chair than the one you currently have, or the $5 one from the dollar store, your belief causes you to desire to have said chair. Congratulations, you have successfully been deterred from being able to understand the purpose of a chair, and thus, you are no longer thinking of having a place to sit, but rather, you are thinking of having a "wonder chair" which will allow for you to "sit better"!?¿

Let's get real. This what has happened to your life. This is why this blog was created, and this is why people seem to continually question their purpose! What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Who am I?

You see, these are not questions that someone can answer for you. Yes, it is possible for someone to introduce you to a mirror, so that you can see for yourself, but it is obscene for anyone to tell another human being who they are and what their purpose is in this life. This is what has happened people. You have walked through your life, and been told of gods and of devils and of angels and demons and UFO's and morality and of good and of evil, and thus, you have lost your sense of purpose. You're just someone who's watching infomercials on chairs, sitting on your bare floor, though you have a chair that has served you well in the past, all because you are convinced that if you watch that screen for long enough, someone will tell you exactly what chair you need. .... And with that mentality... well, you must admit... you friend are acting as if you have some sort of psychological problem or mental illness. It's simply not logical.

This is exactly what this blog is about. Not to tell you who you are and what the meaning of life is, but rather, to show you the way towards a mirror, so that you can for the (possibly) first time, see yourself AS YOU ARE, free from any distortions of others who want to tell you what you look like rather than letting you see who you are.

So, if you want to continue arguing with yourself about chairs, and being blinded by the rhetoric surrounding such advertisements about who you are and what makes you the best you that you can be, then go ahead...perhaps that's your purpose?

We all need examples of what not to do and what not to be, after all if we didn't, just as if we didn't have shadows, we'd be blinded anyways, like deer in a headlight.


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