"Of everything that was to be, to be was everything...
And nothing else makes me the same the same as anything...
If anything could be as thick, if layers could be false...
I'd bet my life I'd win again, it's your bet, I mean, your loss..." -Ethan Womack

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Belief vs Reality

"When I was a child, I spoke of childish things, but now that I am a man, I have put away childish things"

This is a quote from some verse of the Bible. Which one? I'm not really sure.

Now. Let me ask a question? Does that last statement bother you? If your answer is yes, then another question is in order I suppose. Are you a "Christian"? And if so, then why does my paraphrasing, and lack of knowledge of exactly where said verse is quoted from? Perhaps it is your belief, (If you know me personally) ((Or if you've read my content thus far)) that I am an immoral person? A sinner even, and my use of your precious words from your precious book is somehow considered as "sacrilegious"?

Well, today's "lesson" if you will, is about that very concept of your belief...and it is not limited to simply "Christian" belief systems, but rather, belief systems in general.

 On the left is a picture of a book and a candle. Now, I'm sure that to someone, that book is much more precious than the candle which gives one light to read it, and yet, though without light, the book could not be read, the candle is the thing that is set aflame, and not the pages of the book, for if such a thing was done, the reading of it's words would become impossible. And besides, there's always more candles to burn, right?

Now, what am I getting at? All that I'm trying to explain here is that just like the words in that book, or rather, simply words in general, have a seemingly immeasurable amount of power.

They have the power to both edify and to destroy, to inspire and to disillusion, to lie and to tell the truth.
Just why is it that simple letters put together in certain orders when used in particular patterns are given such power? 

Is the true power within the sound of these "words" or is it within the concepts that lie behind the meanings of said "words" or "sentences"? Now, before you answer to yourself , keep in mind that certain statements seem to have more persuading power based upon the tone and volume of the voice of those who use them, while others, can simply be typed and subsequently read and hold even more power. The power of words, in my "belief" has more to do with the reality of what they say more so than who it is that says them or the method in which they deliver them. 

For the sake of remaining relevant, and putting things in a context in which most of the "western world" can identify with, let's take the bible for example. Do you know why it is that such a book has so much power? It is not because of who wrote it's words, and it is not so much because of the one who wrote them, but rather, it is simply because of what people as a majority tell you about it's contents, and that is, that "every word is God-breathed" and it matters not how one responds to it on a personal level, but rather, it is the majority's perception of what is the "reality" behind such statements. 

Speaking in a metaphysical context, let it be said, that at the end of the day, all that the bible is, is simply a book. Pieces of paper with markings upon it...The same way that you are simply a person staring at a screen.

Now, if it were just a book, and it held no inherent power within itself, why then is it that such a book has the power to persuade such hostility amongst it's readers? And why do such words bring such joy to other readers? Is it truly because the book is from God? Well, in all honesty *Reality, it is simply because of the belief's of those who not only read the book, but also, those around the person who chooses to read it.

And such concepts apply to any and all religions or belief systems, not just religion in general. I am not singling out the christian faith, as if I am some "Christ-Hater". I am merely using an example that should be easy enough for anyone living in present-day America to identify with. We've all been victims of "food-poisoning" so to speak, and that food comes in the form of words, and what is being fed is our inner-self, or our mind, our consciousness....

You see, it is not the words of the bible which caused that church to decide that it is "sin" to allow an interracial marriage to take place in "their" building...And it is not the words in that book which causes inexplicable joy in those who consider themselves "saved". No, it is their belief systems that they know no other origin for said beliefs other than that book. 

I am going to write a follow-up post to this, as it is rather lengthy already in my opinion, and I have much more to say about this subject.

Let me end this with requesting that you leave a comment with your thoughts upon this issue, and let's make it into sort of a discussion, not an argument please. The point of this post is to realize that the point of life is not so much to form a belief system and then to live rigidly according to that belief system, but rather, that while belief's may be essential to human development, it can also, if it is not viewed in the proper context, "stunt one's growth" so to speak. 

Leave a comment with your thoughts about that last paragraph, and come back in a day or two for my follow-up post. I apologize for the seeming "un-togetherness" (I cannot think of the word I am searching for) of this post. I have many thoughts, and none of them seem to be capable of being explained in words. 

....Oh, and ... Have a nice day. :)


  1. hi. it's me from john chow blog. i m Tu Michael :) this is my first comment to ur blog. m i welcome here? :)
    well, ur topic discussing the meaning of life is interesting but honestly i find a little difficult understanding cause i m not a native English speaker. so, any way u can write more understandable? :)

  2. btw, my official blog is, not the one appears on blogger.u r always welcome :)

  3. Thanks for the comment Tu Michael. I have written a "part two" for this post. I know this one is seemingly disorganized. It was not intended to be so, but it is. lol. Of course you're welcome here.

    And I'll be sure to check out your blog. Making money online is definately an interest of mine. Hence my reading of John Chow.



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