"Of everything that was to be, to be was everything...
And nothing else makes me the same the same as anything...
If anything could be as thick, if layers could be false...
I'd bet my life I'd win again, it's your bet, I mean, your loss..." -Ethan Womack

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Find True Meaning

It would seem that lately, people world-wide are starting to awaken, as slowly as it is. Around me I see a world not only in need of a revolution, but one in which it's inhabitants are all receiving the universal message that if something doesn't change then we are all headed for a fate worse than any that could have been imagined.

We are all a little strange aren't we? We have our quirks, we see things differently, and some of us our more outspoken than others. But is that really as big of a problem as it seems? I mean honestly, what would we do without doctors, mechanics, IT specialists, gas station clerks, musicians? What would the world be without the diversity that currently exists?

From time to time the universe comes to you, and it breathes upon you, and into your soul floods tiny flashes of hope, of purpose, and of enlightenment. We all have a residual self-image in the back of our minds, and when we truly see that person that we were meant to be, rather than the usual distortion of ourselves, we find happiness.

Life is full of mystery and wonder, and such thoughts if thought upon too deeply can cause quite a bit of confusion. We look around at others and seem to all desire somewhere within us to be someone else, as though, "If I were them, I would be content", but the reality is, you would not. That person who you envy, envies you just as much. No one can be content until first they are content with themselves. It is not the number of dollar bills at your disposal that gives you a sense of security. It is not the amount of drugs in your system that gives you feelings of euphoria. It is not your intelligence that makes you smart, and it is not what you have that makes you who you are.

You are who you are because you are.

What is your name? What do you look like? How do you think? What dreams do you have, and which ones have you hidden because you feel as though they can never be accomplished?

All of these things are unique to you, and let me tell you a little secret that someone once told me. Out of the 7 billion people alive on this planet today, there is only one you, and only you can do what you were born to do. Only one person can ever be what you were meant to be.

Persistence is omnipotent.

Do you know who you are? If you begin to listen to yourself, not the random slew of conscious thoughts that may run through your mind upon reading that question, but the still small voice that forms in the thoughts behind your thoughts, you might just be surprised what you hear.

The only war that you will ever have to fight will not be a war against those who might oppose you as you progress upon this path that is life, but rather, it will be a war against yourself, and yourself alone. Conquer that person, and all else will seem non-existent.

I have in my mind, even right now as I write, a lot of different ideas, goals, plans, and dreams of what I hope to accomplish during my lifetime, and I know, because it happens on a near constant basis, that as soon as I stop focusing on them in an "I can because I have" attitude, my doubts will seem to near cripple my ability to even function. It is a crushing blow that is dealt to oneself. We are not only our worst critics, we are our own worst enemy, and in fact our only hope. Nobody can do it for you. Your life is yours to live. You know what you are, and if you are not on the way towards the true you, then that small voice in the back of your mind will continue to grow louder and louder. Not only will your thoughts begin to cause within you a feeling of guilt, but, if you choose to notice, rather than ignore it consistently, the entire world around you will seem to scream along with that voice, encouraging you to go and achieve that which you desire, because, in all reality, you already have. It is not the achievement that is evidence of who you are, it is the dream, the simple thought. However, thoughts are intangible, and intangible things are a part of life only to serve as an indicator and motivator for tangible things.

Within each and every one of us lies a power that is more amazing than could even be imagined, the trouble is, I find, not that we have a fear of failure so much as it is a fear of success. I speak to you now in the same tone that the universe will speak to you, if you, like me, continue to procrastinate, and doubt yourself, and that is in a tone of sincere honesty. You know what you are, and the only reason that you are not on your way towards becoming the very best you that you can be, is because if you search yourself, you will find that your dreams seem too big, sweet, and exhilarating than you think that you can handle. You say to yourself, "I wish I had more money" but you don't, because if you did, you would. You say to yourself all sorts of things that you wish were different about yourself.

Wishes are not the innocent statements of children as they stare at falling stars, they are evidences of your own doubt of such a thing ever becoming a reality. It is saying that you are giving up. Whenever you wish things were different, it is your way of saying that you have accepted yourself as you appear to yourself, rather than telling yourself who you are, you are letting your selfish fears dictate to you not what you are, but rather what you are allowed to be. It is as though every failure, disappointment, and disillusioned dream that you have given up on, has not been the fault of the universe, god, or any other person at all. It IS your fault.

...But don't beat yourself up over failures, dare to achieve that in which you find true meaning for your life, and you'll see.... Every mistake you made along the way was only made to put you in the position that you are in, so that you can realize your true potential.

Life is full of hardships, but you are not knocked to the ground in an attempt to disable you, and it is not because some cosmic deity wants to see just how much you can handle... You were knocked down by the universe so that you can prove to yourself just how many times you can get up... I know that it sounds as though such a philosophy sounds on the surface like a cheesy "Self-Help" book, but the concept runs much deeper. No one can be at peace with anything in life, until they are first at peace within them self, and in order to be at peace with oneself, one must be true to them self, and stop lying....

This is not about reading encouraging words, or positive messages, this is about the fact that human-kind is an amazing species, and if you take notice, we ARE gods in comparison with the rest of the life here upon the earth, and that in and of itself should explain to you as to why every time that you do not recognize yourself, you are lying to yourself, and no one can be given peace of mind through lies... There's some part of us that just knows.... You know....

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