"Of everything that was to be, to be was everything...
And nothing else makes me the same the same as anything...
If anything could be as thick, if layers could be false...
I'd bet my life I'd win again, it's your bet, I mean, your loss..." -Ethan Womack

Friday, January 13, 2012

Distortions - The Black Hole Of Reality

This term "distortion" is something that is quite familiar to me. As a musician, distorting my sound is crucial if I am to obtain the overall feeling and ambiance that I am looking for. A distortion pedal is not something that is foreign to me, as a matter of fact, it is almost always necessary to some degree, however there is a difference in my use of the term in this post, because unlike the distortion which my foot pedal produces, the distortions that I wish to speak of cannot so easily be turned off by the click of a button.

I have always known of the concept behind this term, but, it was not until I came across an online copy of "The Law Of One" which is a book that contains the written records of the channelings of "Ra" as the book refers to it. In this book, (If you are curious, I would suggest looking it up on Google) this "Ra" character speaks to those conducting this interview, and the context is that of some being from either another planet, or an entirely different plane of existence. This "Ra" is quite familiar with our existence, and from where I stand, finds us to be quite primitive, using this term "distortion" quite a bit to define most of our understanding of "God" (and life in general), even going so far as to classify our view of god and the use of the term and even our concept at it's core, as being a distortion. It never quite goes into what exactly is distorted about any thing, but rather, this "Ra" simply uses this term as the only true way to describe us to ourselves, as those who are conducting the interview are attempting to gain knowledge of things that they probably shouldn't know in the first place. It is quite an interesting read if I do say so myself, but... moving along.

Now, I want you who have been keeping up with the posts thus far, to realize the pattern that seems to reverberate throughout "the all". The title of the blog is "The Meaning Of Life" and the posts have all been about various subjects, containing explanations for various metaphysical jargon and whatnot. If you are unsure of what I'm talking about, or you have not seen the connection between all of these posts, even the Voices On The Wind post, (The one with my guitar-work...and distortions... ha!) then please, go back and re-read them if I've caught your attention with this post, as I'm sure that you will become completely lost in your attempt to "decode the mystery", but I'll attempt to write this post in such a way that any such journeys through my blog are unnecessary.

The pattern that I speak of, is that, in nearly all of my posts, I somehow wind up referring back to the reality that reality is not always as it seems, but a new thought has entered into my "mental class on life" that I have with myself constantly (that's what life's about btw) and that is that things are not always as they appear, but that doesn't mean that they aren't either.

I read a post today on Guru Singh's blog that caused me to realize just the term that I have been looking for to use in my day to day explanations of reality to people. I am familiar with the use of the term in more than just the context of musical equipment (as stated) as well as my use of it, but I have rarely implemented it into my day to day conversation, and that is what I am attempting to do.

For the general idea or essence of what I'm getting at by the term, if my defining of it seems unclear due to all of my many words that seem to twist and linger around leading one in circles, then, if you will notice, "Guru Singh" is linked to the post that I've just finished reading, and even if you understand my ramblings, I would highly recommend you giving it a thorough read through, as he explains such a concept much more clearly and to the point than I am...but, I do what I do for a reason.

In my post Belief vs Reality - Part Two I attempted to define what distortions of perception look like, and I used some examples, like that of the chair, and it is to me, very clear what I am getting at, but it may not be to you, for you are not me, and thus, we do not share the same distortions. When you take a bunch of rhetorical malarkey and overlay reality with it, you get an unclear picture of what you're truly looking at, and for the most part, those who create these "advertisements" know this. You have to realize people, that if you're every going to be able to truly find yourself, you're going to have to accept the fact that there are people in positions of power who got there, not because they were lucky, or special, or given a great opportunity, but because they are two things, both greedy, and intelligent. They did not present you with the mind-shaping "advertisements" (that term is not speaking of commercial advertisement alone, but mass media as a whole, whether it be through television, school curriculum, religion, or any other medium through which one message is presented on several platforms) because they were merely trying to make a dollar off of you, they did what they did the way that they did it so that you would read this, see the reality of what I'm speaking of, understand it, and subsequently reject it as rational thinking. They don't want your money, they want your mind, because if they have your mind, you will not wake up, you will not stand up, and you will not fight, thus, they are free to do whatever they wish without your interference.

You see, the powers that be do not want for you to read this blog. They do not want for you to think this way, and they most certainly do not want for you to understand this concept of "distortions", because if you do, then you become you, rather than that which they have molded you to be. 

I just laughed to myself. How many of you have seen "The Matrix"? That is a movie that was highly popularized because of it's cool effects, the fight scenes, and the seemingly unstoppable power of the main character, but it is the metaphysical concept that is hidden within those three films that is the true beauty. The metaphor of the matrix is the reality of existence. We are all blinded in some way by own perception, and just as it is in the matrix, so it is with us, we are batteries plugged into a machine, giving it all of the power that it will ever need, and as long as it can keep us entertained, there is no war to be fought, which means there is more energy to be used elsewhere...But my question is, just what were these machines in the matrix doing? They had successfully driven humanity underground and had full reign of the earth, but to what end? So that they could have a picnic at the park? It's madness, that people in power don't want the power for the sake of freeing themselves to enjoy life, they want the power simply for the sake of the power, and in that, they possess the greatest distortion of all. They can no longer enjoy life, because their enjoyment comes from the destruction of life. It is, just as synchronicity, a conundrum.

I have gotten a bit off topic it seems, but, this blog is not about one post, it is about the blog as a whole, and this blog is not about this blog at all actually, it is about those who read it, and the message that it speaks to them, and more importantly, what they do with said message.

Now, on the concept of black holes and distortions being the black holes of reality, first one must think of what a black hole is. It is not just something that sucks, nor is it a mass of darkness. It is the remnants of a super-massive star which has essentially imploded, losing none of it's mass, and thus has a gravitational pull that is so strong that not only does it pull the very fabric of the universe towards it's center, but also, which even light itself cannot escape from. Can you imagine, watching light attempting to escape from something? Light moves at a speed of 700 million miles per hour. That's 186,000 miles per second. The gravitational pull of a black hole is so great, that even something moving at that speed, which is near incomprehensible to our human minds, cannot escape from, nor does it stand a chance.

I have in this post compared distortions of reality to a black hole, (<----And i'm not the only one) so the question is, how does one free themselves from such darkness? The truth of the matter is, that if you are looking for the answer, you will never find it, and if you are hoping for a savior, there is none. If you want to be free from thinking the thoughts of others, or thinking the distorted thoughts of your own fallible mortal self, then you must let go of even that desire, and rather, embrace the reality that ultimately, you are who you are because you are, and when you do this, you realize, just like Neo, that you don't believe in any of this fake crap anyway...(enjoy your cookie)

I will admit, it can be painful, and it will be. Neo had to die before he knew himself, and once he did, not even death could stop him. The rules of the matrix no longer applied and he was free to do as he pleased. He had no rival at all, and in the end, he realized that it was inevitable, and even he could not escape the black hole by fighting against it's pull, but rather, he had to enter into the heart of darkness, and shine his own radiant light out of it in order to bring peace to his world.

Have you ever wondered just why light cannot escape from a black hole? Can gravity really be that strong? Well, have you ever wondered why your eyes take in light, but give off none of their own? We cannot change the way things are until we first change ourselves, and in the matrix, Neo had let his enemy do all of the changing to the world that he would ever need, and as the last man standing, he let himself too become a part of the whole, and it just so happened that when he did, he was reunited with himself, and the curse was lifted.

I do apologize, I have been rambling, and have gone from books, to movies, to black holes and back again, but please do not mistake my words for what they seem, and miss the reality of what they are, and if you do not understand, then let this and all of my words be an example of just how distorted one can become by an over abundance of information. One cannot hold within his mind two opposing opinions and expect to still be sane, that is why the term "schizophrenia" was created, because at it's root it means, "split-mind", however, one can find a balance between those two opinions, and take that third option, using the two opposites as a measuring stick.

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