"Of everything that was to be, to be was everything...
And nothing else makes me the same the same as anything...
If anything could be as thick, if layers could be false...
I'd bet my life I'd win again, it's your bet, I mean, your loss..." -Ethan Womack

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Synchronicity - The Paintbrush of God

To anyone who has lived for any amount of time, it can most accurately be stated that you indeed know exactly what I'm speaking of, even upon reading the title of this article, the term "Synchronicity" is familiar to you, even if you are unfamiliar (on a conscious level) with the definition of said term.

I could attempt to define it for you, and perhaps you would get it, but, if you just so happen to be familiar with the term, most likely you would agree, that such a concept is not one of which someone can truly be "told" what it is, but rather, it is something that one must "see" for themselves.


The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

The image to the right is an example of what I would term as an example of what this "experience" would look like in a metaphorical context. Notice that nearly every line, though it is linear (like time), consists of a mirror image on the opposite side of the page, and yet, at the same time, this figure is split into three parts (like time). 

So what we have here, is an impossible explanation, and were the image not here, surely my words would seem most illogical, (and perhaps they do to you) but if you're going to get that involved in finding mistakes, you're never going to be able to see that duality has it's place in life, as well as the the reality that while things are split into "twos", there is also a third part of nearly all things.

For instance, you have the concept of time, yet it is nearly always referred to in terms of "past" and "future" as the "present" seems to be irrelevant in most discussions. You have two opposing sides, and in the center what do you have? This concept works with most things, but for more literal examples of duality, think of black and white, or dark and light, or yes and no, or male and female, or right and wrong.

Nearly all of those can be dis-proven as being concrete, for there also exists the color grey, no one can see anything in total darkness nor with a flashlight shined in their eyes, sometimes people say maybe, hermaphrodites exist, and right and wrong is just a matter of opinion anyway.

Now, for one to understand the concept of synchronicity, one must accept the reality that such concrete concepts of duality, morality, or even mortality, are not ends in and of themselves, but rather are simple hints which lead one to be capable of understanding something that goes much deeper. That reality is that we are not alone in this life, and that, while "destiny" essentially does not exist, because it is our choices which determine our fate, it is in fact "destiny" that determines everything, and no matter what we do, or who we are, we cannot escape it.

I am happily not a member of the "religious community", but I can say this, synchronicity has haunted me for some time. It is not so much a belief in some deity in my mind, as it is an understanding and inner-knowledge that I am a part of a whole, just as everything else is, and that being said, it is clear to me just how interconnected everything is in this universe.

Astrophysicists have as of late began toying around with the theory of a holographic universe, or, the idea that our existence is not so much as it seems. They are starting to wonder (as they attempt to study black-holes) if our entire universe is nothing more than a mirror image, and that everything that happens here, is not so much happening, as much as it is just a reflection of something that has already happened or is happening outside of our universe, simultaneously....or just on the edge. 

For a tangible example of what they are starting to understand about our universe, go stand between two mirrors and move your arm and attempt to count just how many "you's" move their arm as well. I cannot explain such concepts any further. You either get it, or you don't.

The Paintbrush of God

The experience of synchronicity will make a believer out of anyone that this "reality" that we are experiencing is not as "in-tact" as we would like to think of it, and that there is "something more". That something has been witnesses, experienced, and defined by humanity for longer, it would seem, than our ability to breathe. Some call "it" God, or Jesus, or Allah, etc...

It is so funny to me that when Moses in the bible first spoke with god, he asked of him, "Uhm...hey, what's your name, what do I call you? So I can tell everyone else...they kind of need to know..." this essence of life, creator, this god, this "it", responded by saying, "I am what I am."

A phrase that is used with increasing frequency now a days is "It is what it is", and yet, I find that such a phrase is rarely intended to be a reference to the religious idea of an ultimate and all encompassing deity.

When one begins to experience the phenomena of synchronicity, (And it most certainly is nothing less than a phenomenon) they often times shrug it off as a "coincidence" and think nothing of it, but it is when such occurrences continue, or even intensify in frequency, that one begins to wonder if they are awake or still dreaming, and if it is an awakened state that they find themselves in, it is their sanity that they begin to question. Such experiences, simply cannot be understood by those who have not experienced them, for those who have experienced them understand that such experiences cannot be explained in the full measure that is deserved, and even if they could, it would not have the same effect, gravity, nor meaningfulness.

When a synchronous occurrence happens, there are many factors which account for the experience seeming "unnatural" and yet, at the same time, despite all of the "unnaturalness" of said event, it is the natural flow of the entire event that creates the apparent uncanny nature of such an event. It is a conundrum. 

Factors Involved

  • The immediate and direct surroundings of the experiencee, to include not only what he/she sees, but also what they hear.
  • The thoughts of the experiencee prior to the event, and the method in which said thoughts began to stray in that particular direction.
  • The flow of life in general, and the way one's day is going.
  • Everything....
To some who read the above list, it will seem as though I am speaking a foreign language, and for those who have experienced synchronicity, it is more than clear what I am describing. Perhaps there is someone who is reading this, and is for the first time realizing just what these series of random coincidences are, or at-least how to term them, and their visit to this blog has turned into a synchronicity in and of itself. 

Why do they happen?

If synchronicity is the metaphorical paintbrush of god, then what exactly is he/she/it saying, and is it what I think, or am I missing the picture? The simple answer is, "yes, no, and maybe". 

Whenever one begins to focus on their synchronous experiences, they notice an increase in the frequency of occurrences, and sadly, some do not know when to quit, and actually do "go over the edge" so to speak, but you see friends, synchronicity is not what this article is about.

It is quite possible to misinterpret synchronicities as being something that they are not, but you see, it is also quite possible to misinterpret synchronicities as being something of little importance, a neat and odd coincidence that you think nothing of, I.E. not something to use in decision making. This can be either very bad, or very good, but by now, I think you all know that I don't really view things in such dualistic manners anyways. 

What are synchronicities and why do they exist? I cannot tell you. All that I can do for you is make you aware that you are not the only one experiencing them, and yes, they are "proof" of "something", and that in and of itself is, yet again, a synchronicity, because while they cannot be truly defined, or explained, they seem to always have the essence of being a confirmation of sorts for "something". They an undefinable also, simply because of the very personal nature of them.

The purpose of them on a personal level is something that you must find for yourself, but the purpose of this post is to emphasize the reality that we are indeed all a part of a whole, and everything happens for a reason. So don't ever think that it doesn't. Everything has a purpose, a meaning, and a point. That's life. It is what it is.... :)

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